Older Care

AKA believes that all accommodation for older people should enable them to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle with minimal disruption to their freedom, regardless of mobility or infirmity. Our therapeutic goals serve to highlight desired relationships between older people and the environments that they occupy and give direction for policy, programming and design decisions.

Future care provisions must respond to more discerning client groups and to a growing population that requires more support and care; in order to maintain as independent a life style as possible. AKA’s designs for older people are user focused and we understand the need for individuals to retain their autonomy through all levels of care. By drawing on our extensive residential and healthcare experience, AKA creates environments that creatively merge the practical aspects of accommodation for older people with the aspirations of domestic life. The provision of good quality buildings depends upon many factors, not least of which is finance, but it is also related to our sensitivity to the needs of those who require care and to the needs of their carers.